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In The Name of God


7th International Quran Competition 

for Muslim Students 



Following the successful organization of 6 editions of the International Quran Competition for Muslim Students, the Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR) plans to hold the 7th edition of the international event in the categories of memorization of the entire Quran and recitation (Tahghigh) of the Quran for male students and in other categories.


1. Enhancing unity and solidarity among students of the Muslim world with the aim of helping to resolve the current issues 

2. Creating a venue for cultural, intellectual interaction among the Muslim world elites

3. Promoting and fostering the Quran teachings and ethics among Muslim students

4. Encouraging Muslim students and academicians to learn the Quran and make progress in Quranic fields

5. Introducing the national and cultural works of different Muslim nations

General Requirements for Participants

Applicants are required to meet all the following criteria to take part in the competition:

1. Contenders must be Muslim.

2. The competition is held for men only.

3. Each contender can compete only in one category.

4. Once he selects a category to compete in, the contender cannot change it.

5. Contenders must be a university student at the time of competition (April 2021). Applicants need to present a certificate from their university or academic center that shows they are a university student. The certificate must be confirmed by the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the applicant’s country.

6. Contenders must be a citizen of the country they represent in the competition.

7. If the contender has disabilities (visual impairment, physical limitations, etc), he can be accompanied by a companion.

8. Applicants need to fill out the application form and provide the required documents and certificates to the secretariat of the contest.

9. Winners of the first ranks in previous editions cannot apply for this edition of the contest.

Special Requirements for Contestants 

1. Applicants should be winner of first rank in national or international Quran competitions held at the student or general levels.

2. Contenders in the recitation category must be fully familiar with the rules of Tajweed, Tarteel, Sowt and Lahn. They ought to be able to recite the Quran while observing the rules of recitation.

3. Contenders in the memorization category need to be able to promptly answer the questions and recite the verses determined by the jury panel.

4. Each applicant needs to provide letters of reference from two Quran masters or a Quranic institute in his respective country confirming he meets the requirements specified in the previous items (2 and 3).

Procedures for Registration & Introduction of Countries’ Representatives

After receiving the application forms and the call for the contest from the Secretariat, Iran’s cultural centers in other countries are kindly requested to introduce to the Secretariat at most three candidates in each category who meet the general and special requirements and with whom they are familiar. After analyzing the documents and conditions of the applicants, the Secretariat will inform the centers of the preliminary outcome of the analysis and they will hold the semifinal stage in the scheduled time. Then, the centers will be informed in writing on whether the applicants meet the criteria for taking part in the final stage of the competition. The dates for the semifinal and final stages will be announced in due time.



Stages of evaluation of Competitors

- The evaluation of applicants will be in three stages as follows:

Preliminary Stage: Receiving audio and video files

The reciters’ files will be evaluated in the Secretariat. The memorizers will be evaluated via the Skype.

Semi Final Stage: Will be held on site in the presence of internationally-known Quran experts as arbiters.

Final Stage: Will be held on site. Those who perform best in the semifinals will make it to the final stage.

Conditions for the first Stage (Preliminary): 

The conditions for sending a video and audio file of the reciters and memorizers and the manner of participation in the semi-final stage are as follows:

1- Terms of sending recitation file and the way of the participation:

A: It is necessary that dear reciters select one of the following pieces for the recitation.

• Surah Yunus: Verses 24-27

• Surah al-A'raf: verses 74-79

• Surah Ma'ida: Verses 95-97

B: The file which is sent should be as an audio and video file for 5 minutes in MP4 format.

C: The file is preferably suggested to be recorded in the cultural center and in the presence of the cultural attaché (cultural counselor). Otherwise, it should be sent by the competitors according to the format and the draw announced by the Secretariat via the cultural counselor.

2- Terms and way of participation of memorizers in the semi-final stage:

It's necessary that the introduced memorizers be present at the time specified by the Secretariat at the cultural center and the semifinals will be held live and through video communication with international judges present in the process. The competitor will be eliminated if he is absent from live judgment.



  • The audio and video file of determined reciters should be submitted to the Secretariat of the competition by the cultural attaché not later than January 20, 2020. Otherwise, those participants will be deemed as not to have participated.
  • Due to financial constraints, the Secretariat cannot receive the participants' companions. (Except the condition provided in clause 7 in the part of the General Terms)
  • The venue of the competition will be announced later.
  • The competition (finals) will be held in April 2021.
  • The secretariat is responsible for providing ticket, lodging and food receptions of the participants during their stay.
  • The regulations of the contest are available on the website of the competition.
  • The exact date of the semi-final stage will be announced to the cultural attachés later. 
  • If the memorizers are absent from live judgment, they will be eliminated from the competition.


Given extensive planning for development of the competition in other categories, the Secretariat is considering to identify talented Quranic individuals and groups in other countries and honor them during the competition. Hence, the cultural centers are kindly requested to introduce such individuals or groups they know of to the Secretariat in these formats and in the following categories:  

1. Innovation in special Quranic activities

2. Educational innovation: special teaching methods in different Quranic fields, such as recitation, memorization, Quranic concepts, etc.

3. Research innovation: special and exceptional research studies with Quranic themes

4. Propagation and promotional innovation:

4.1. Visual Arts:

Calligraphy, Calligraphy painting, miniature, flower and bird (Golo Morgh painting), painting, sculpture, urban elements, designing, printmaking, photography, graphic arts, industrial design, graphic design. Fashion designing, interior designing, etc.

4.2. Literature

Audio book, poetry, stories, film script writing, scriptwriting

4.3. Handicrafts

Khatam (inlaying), pyrography, marquetry, wood carving, perforation, toreutics, glassblowing, stained glass making, vitreous enamel, carpet weaving, broken tile art, ceramic art, etc.

4.4. Dramatic Arts

Animation, motiongraphy, podcast, short film, voice arts (Tawasheeh, Adhan, Ibtihal, etc)

To contact the Secretariat and for inquiries about accommodation for the participants, the timeline of the contest, members of the panel of judges, the sideline programs and possible changes to the programs, please contact us via the following phone numbers or email address.

It should be noted that all the introduced candidates will be evaluated by the Secretariat and the final results will be announced to the related Iranian cultural center later on. Therefore, it is kindly requested that the cultural centers wait until the final approval by the Secretariat to inform the candidates.

Contact information: 







Email: isqa.ir@gmail.com

Competition Website: www.muslimstudents.ir